Glass Bot Automated Glass Removal System

updated 06/15/2016

Glass Bot® - Started the Revolution in 2007

Changing the human-to-tool interface from worker to observer

Step into the Future of Bonded Glass Removal



  • Powerful Automotive Grade DC Motor
    State-of-the-Art Power System / Lithium Ion Battery
    Remote Controller with Variable Speed Pistol Grip
    Lifetime Warranty

    This is the Glass Bot® System

This heavy-duty machine is based on a large 7" vacuum cup, stainless steel, aluminum and space age plastic components and built by hand specifically for this purpose. Using an automotive grade DC motor it develops serious torque over its entire speed range.

Utilizing the Remote Controller, for the first time an operator is removed from the physical aspects of bonded glass removal. Powered via Milwaukee M18 Lithium Ion batteries, you get long working life and short charging times. The variable-speed trigger switch provides instant control over the cutting speed. Feedback from the process is heard as the cutting element tensions, not unlike a guitar string, to provide an audio report of the cutting element encountering the adhesive. (play the video above with audio on)

The Glass Bot™ System is simple to use, will not create collateral damage to the vehicle, injury to the operator or present the new hire with the worrisome task of using sharp objects on expensive installations.

  • Provides ergonomic position during operation (standing)
    Reduces physical exertion (getting in and out of vehicle)
    Eliminates overhead arm movements (reducing shoulder related injuries)

Using the Bot is as different to other tools as watching a video is to going to the gym. You become a spectator instead of the participant. It's that different. Imagine how many times you get in and out of a vehicle during the replacement process, stooping, twisting, turning to get in and out, both sides, repeatedly. Now add in your tool selection and physical requirements related to using it.

We offer a solution that your family will love.

Our Mission Statement:

To reduce injuries within our industry and to provide a damage-free environment for glass removal. / com • Garden Valley, CA 95633 • 530.748.8880

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